Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Majoris is much focused on its green side of services. Owing a electric vehicle is great way of reducing carbon footprint by significant margin and great way to save money on gas We at majoris help you keeping your vehicle fully charge by having direct access to multiple EVSE providers.

Why Install Charging Station ?

There are many good reasons to drive an electric car, keeping your vehicle fully charged can become somewhat inconvenient after a while if you do not have electric vehicle supply equipment installed in your home. We at majors have certified team installation of equipment at home or business.

There are many benefits Electrical charging stations. some of these are as follows :

Benefits of charging station

• maximize the accessibility of your energy efficient car

• monitor your energy consumption Before you can take

• Electrical Vehicles are Environment friendly



Our EVSE Services

We Provide wide range of EVSE services to residential and commercial places.Our Services Includes Maintenance of Installed Charging Station, Installation of New Charging Stations.Our Professional team is very much experienced,they will guide you about all the things related to your installation.

EVSE Maintenance

Maintenance of Charging station is very easy as compare to installation,we provide complete maintenance services to your stations.

Station Installation

Install Car Charging Station at your home and keep your vehicle fully charged.We provide best EVSE installation Services at your doorstep.

EVSE Testing & Repair

If you have old charging station installed at your place, call us we will repair and test your charging station and give you feel like new one.