Solar panel

What is Solar Panel ?

Solar panels also are known as Photovoltaic solar panels, solar modules, solar plates  are made of silicon cells which convert sunlight into electricity. Thus generating clean energy free of cost for a period of 25 years.

“Install Solar Panels & Reduce Your Electrical Bill”

Majoris Electrical Provides all type of solar services at your Residential and Commercial places. Our Team is well Experienced in there work, they will provide you all kind of cost effective solutions. Solar Panels have many benefits , the major one is it saves your money and provide you the best solution to all your electrical problems.

We visit the clients site before starting our solar panel Installation project. Firstly we deeply understand the customers requirements, then we are ready to start out work. Customer Satisfaction is the priority of our company.

If you need any kind of guidance regarding Solar Panels Installation, Just Call Us.

Commercial Solutions

We Provide Solar Panels Installation Service to Commercial Places like warehouses and big Companies. We use best quality products to provide high quality services to our customers.


Residential Roof Top

Solar panel installation at home is the one time investment which helps you to reduce your electrical bills and save your money. We provide best solar panel Services in area.